Exclusive Invention: The Tea Bag Mop!

As you can see, janitors are already pretty thrilled about the Tea Bag Mop!
As you can see, janitors are already thrilled with the Tea Bag Mop!

Mops are great things. If you need to hang a spare shoe off something, you can stick it on the very top of the mop handle. This is how incredible the mop is. They could be even more amazing with a bit of creativity, and this is where Professional Moron’s latest invention comes in. For you see, we got to thinking about mop heads. Usually they’re a collection of cloth strands, or whatever they are, which dangle about the place. They don’t serve any purpose other than to mop up whatever someone’s done on aisle 1 in your local supermarket. Mop makers are missing a trick, for they could liven it all up by turning the mop head into an assortment of incredible tea flavours! Think about it: mop heads made out of tea bags, such as earl grey, green tea, assam, mint, cinnamon, and/or dandelion. The possibilities aren’t endless, but they’re certainly above average!

The idea this time in our Invention Series is to clean the floor, whilst simultaneously offering a beverage on the newly resplendent spillage free area! The major bonus is anyone wandering around wanting a spot of tea can immediately hit the deck and lick the tea flavouring off the spanking clean floor! Now if this sounds a bit disgusting to you fussy eaters/drinkers, do bear in mind the tea bags will be dipped into the harshest bleach imaginable before being moped about. As a consequence, you need not fear any germs on the newly clean area. No! All you are left to do is enjoy the fresh culinary stench of hazardous chemicals, and the glorious scent of Earl Grey. What can be better than that? Only a Tea Bag Mop!


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