Exclusive Recipe: Toast and Bread Sandwiches!

Toast and bread sandwich
Prepping for the glorious toast and bread sandwich.

Toast and bread sandwiches? You heard it here first!  Yes, it’s the natural evolution for sandwiches – a toasted bread variety! Still confused? Of course you are, dimwit! It’s truly rather simple, however. The Toast and Bread sandwich is a mixture of toast and bread – in a sandwich! It’s the genius of simpleminded simplicity which Professional Moron has delivered once again.

Before we continue, let us verify the difference between toast and bread in an unconfusing manner. Toast is bread. However, toast is bread which has had a bit of a sunbathe in a tanning booth – the tanning booth is known as a toaster. Bread is also toast. However, bread has not been on holiday and is, as a consequence, pallid and floppy. Thusly, the key ingredients are set. Onwards to edification, readers!

Toast and Bread Sandwich

To make this sandwich you’re going to need bread and toast. As we’ve already established, these items are very much indeed the same. As a recommendation, we suggest buying a loaf of brown bread to be on the safe side. Brown bread is, of course, far superior to gross white bread. Indeed.

The trick to nailing this recipe head on is to determine the ratio of toast to bread you prefer. Mr. Wapojif discovered he liked making four pieces of toast, and four pieces of bread. You can add whatever spread you want to this, such as melted cheese, melted butter, turmeric, or perhaps ground black pepper.

Follow our recipe for a beginners guide and you’ll be on to a winner here: A towering 8 slicer of the finest malt brown loaf bread and toast. OMG, you can even mix it up with white bread (or toast) if you really wanted to. The sky is the limit, quite literally, as if you continue adding bread and toast bits you’ll eventually end up on the verge of space. We don’t recommend this.

The Age Old Debate: Toast VS Bread

Never mind the age old debate, how about the taste test. How does the Toast and Bread sandwich rank in the world of sandwiches? To be honest, it is kind of rank. Seriously, we’re on about one almightily bread thing here. The fact you have a great bit wodge of sharp toast and floppy bread really plays havoc with your taste buds and gums, leaving you bleeding all over the place whilst also lamenting the lack of flavour.

We tried hard to make this recipe more interesting by adding in chunks of metal and bits of mud to keep us on our toes, but all it did was induce further misery and anguish. Indeed, as sandwiches go then this is a bit of a rubbish one… except for one simple solution.

Butter! Seriously, thrash up those eight slices and then leave them to soak overnight in a vat of melted butter. My word, it’s mighty tasty! Truly, then, with a little help from our full fat friend, we’ve transformed the Toast and Bread sandwich into the answer to your dreams. Bliss!

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