Pukka: Dig The Ginger Tea

Pukka teas
So much tea… so much tea!

Pukka, mate. Pukka! Pukka teas are some of the best teas in the world. Do not underestimate Pukka. Pukka will only be disappointed if you do, and it deserves more than that. Yesterday, we covered Clipper. Today’s it’s pukka to cover Pukka, as we consider the two to be the industry leading organic tea providers. The only way you could get more organic is if you grew a giant tea garden in your living room. Now that would be pukka, mate!

All that garbage aside, this range of teas features some of the most outright berserk ingredient combinations since time itself began. Yet there is never a misstep. Pukka always deliver mint tea, especially with its mint tea selection. It’s proper mint, mate. Okay then, so let’s do away with all this gibberish and focus on what you can achieve with Pukka tea. Onwards, Macduff!

Three Ginger!

Pukka tea cinnamon
Okay, so this one is actually cinnamon as we’ve run out of the ginger one. Just pretend it is Three Ginger, okay?

This is the unholy gloriousness which you have been looking for. As an accompaniment to Clipper’s Assam Tea with Vanilla you’re on for a rollicking ride of tea perfection. In the annals of Teaism (which we’ll discuss in a later post this week), tea can provide moments of simple perfection which are, like, perfect. And simple. Three Ginger is one such moment.

It’s got three gingers in there, which is one less than four. Ginger is terrific for digestion and numerous other maladies (such as scurvy), so don’t be but off by the terrifying looking strength rating of three ginger. It’s awesome, but not quite as awesome as Assam Tea with Vanilla (of course).

Pukka Herbal Tea

Pukka Herbs
Got porridge? Get Pukka!

Pukka is fairly active on the old Instagram and you can, quite clearly, see they’ve got a thing for porridge. Why the heck not? Porridge is great! Herbal tea is an awesome complement as well. Now then, Pukka is one heck of a son of a gun when it comes to its herbal range. We’re not joking – this tea company has more tea than most tea companies combined!

Whether you’re after mint, mint and green tea, jasmine, lemon, manuka honey, cinnamon, ginger (we just had to mention it again, didn’t we!?), nettle and mint, this odd detox one with cardamon, vanilla chai (it’s like a chair, but with no legs), licorice, lemongrass… you get the idea!

Our favourite, other than the ginger one, is After Dinner. It’s got chicory in it to turn it into a sort of brown colour, but my word is this a tea to remember. Why it’s called After Dinner we don’t know… perhaps it’s supposed to be consumed after breakfast?

Anyway, to gain access to this lot simply visit the Pukka range of Organic teas and waste your moolah with relish on stuff you could really do with, for once!

Pukk Off!

Hot lemon water?! Hipster!

If, like some freak of nature, you don’t like tea, there are beverage alternatives which you may wish to consider. The most overt of the lot is probably coffee, although this is known to cause scurvy, gout, and flights of fancy. Our advice: don’t drink it unless you’re stranded on a desert island and there’s nothing better to do than horribly age yourself.

You could try boiled water with freshly sliced lemon, of course, but this is basically tea… so what are you playing at? Just boil the kettle and make some tea instead. With the lemons, you can save them for any riots – there really good to pelt at people, you know? That’s the spirit!



  1. Well, I’m not sure about this tea, However, I did have rotten lemons, carrots and several other fruits and vegetables hurled at me whilst touring a food market in Cartagena once. Does this count? (My outfit was on the skimpy side & they shouted “puta”.) Tea hadn’t been invented here, yet! Only coffee was available.


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