Sour Cream and Black Pepper Popcorn will Improve your Life!

Sour Cream and Black Pepper popcorn
Sour Cream and Black Pepper popcorn!

We’re back again with more popcorn! It’s turning into popcorn week, this one. To be fair, yesterday we covered Crispy Baobab and Onion Kale Chips. To be fair further, we’ve been too busy to think of stuff to write about since Mr. Wapojif got involved in a fight with a drunken football hoolidan and lost his big toenails. Yikes! In reality, Mr. Wapojif isn’t the workshy freeloader he’s made out to be, hence the “easy” post for us.

We mean easy, too. How lazy do we need to be with our headlines at the moment? Check out the last three days! Heck, who are we to complain? We’ve wracked up 30+ likes with this lot so far, and as we all know about the internet era, it’s not about quality or intellectual stimulation, it’s about the number of likes you get.

Sour Cream and Black Pepper Popcorn

The great news for this batch of PROPERCORN is it’s genuinely awesome. Whilst Smooth Peanut and Almond Popcorn is better, Sour Cream and Black Pepper popcorn is a smooth fourth, or something. There’s nothing wrong with finishing fourth. On Mario Kart 8 you’d be delighted to finish an online race in fourth, such is the competitive oomph required to deliver big results.

We get the impression this particular bag of popcorn isn’t too bothered about looks. With its dour cover and admittedly dodgy name (“sour cream” – like, WTF?!) we’d left this one until almost last to try out in our PROPERCORN range. Boy, did we underestimate this sun of a gun. We think it’s the black pepper element. Seriously, you could add black pepper to a Pot Noodle and it’s be transformed into a gourmet dish.

What is sour cream, though, and why doesn’t the popcorn go soggy? Is the sour cream left out in the sun to first? Does it fester and begin to stink before being added to the popcorn? Additionally, do the black pepper corns agree to be in the bag? We can only presume so, given this is a vegan friendly product.

Big thumbs up then from us on this highly busy day. If you ever wander into a shop and all the best PROPERCORN flavours are sold out, pick up this reject from society! Alternatively, buy a great big batch of different flavours and then work your way to the very end – sour cream won’t be so sour anymore. It’ll be double (loveable – a weak pun, we know, but it’s late and Mr. Wapojif is high on tea) cream!


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