We Tried Out PROPERCORN’s Sweet & Salty Flavour… And Lived!

PROPERCORN Sweet and Salty
Okay, we decided to give this son of a gun a go!

As big popcorn fans we’ve long despised the superfluous evil of the sweet and salty flavour. As food combinations go, this is like ham and pineapple pizza. Pure… bloody… evil. Now the packaging of PROPERCORN’s Sweet & Salty flavour is much brighter than the doctored image we took above, but we wanted to convey the brooding animosity we often feel obliged to chuck in sweet and salty’s direction.

Thusly, we put off tasting PROPCORN’s least likeable flavour for some considerable time. Eventually, we accidentally bought two giant bloody bags of the stuff from Tesco by mistake, having moronically mistaken the yellow packaging for the yellow packaging on Smooth Peanut and Almond popcorn. We live up to our name, huh? Anyway, this didn’t stop us from eating the stuff… here’s our verdict!

PROPERCORN’s Sweet & Salty Flavour

What have we got against the sweet and salty flavour? It’s weird. Popcorn and salt is a good combination, but what is this “sweet” stuff and where does it come from? It doesn’t taste like anything else on Earth, and it’s not exactly a winning taste combination.

Perhaps our problem has always been we’ve had poor quality versions, as for PROPERCORN things went up a notch. We quite like this version. It’s perfectly acceptable. Whereas before we couldn’t so much as look at a bag of sweet and salty popcorn without wanting to flee to higher ground, now we’re grounded and reasonable. In the event there aren’t any other PROPERCORN varieties available, we’ll buy a bag of Sweet & Salty and, my word, this is a big step in the right direction.

We still have criticisms, of course. This flavour is nothing compared to the might of other popcorn flavours. Additionally, a giant 400g bag of the stuff is pushing things a bit. Sure, you’re supposed to share this bag with other people but, let’s face it, we buy these things to consume for ourselves and ourselves only. Why? As we’re greedy bastards!

A Sweet Conclusion

One must be thankful for the little things in life. For instance, had PROPERCORN made a typo at some point in this flavour’s production process, we’d have ended up with Sweat & Salty flavour… which would have been, you know, gross. As it stands, this is a Sweet & Salty and it is pretty sweet.

By sweet we don’t mean like Oliver from Oliver Twist going up to ask for more. If anything, that was precocious. The little git should have known his place. Anyway, now we’re in an era of gluttony en masse and morbid obesity is something to pursue and, indeed, feel proud about, we would like to remind our readers they can ask for more. You don’t even have to ask, frankly, just go to the shop and buy some more.

Sweet & Salty may not be your preference, but if there’s nothing else in the shop worthy of snacking on (the digestive biscuit aisle does seem a bit old hat), remember PROPERCORN has done the impossible and turned the sweet and salty flavour into a passably enjoyable. feast. Onwards, humanity!


    • Well that’s how I thought until I tried this one. It’s acceptable. I think this achievement warrants PROPERCORN a Nobel Prize. As for pineapple pizza… there are some realms in which humanity must not tread.

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