Agony Aunt: “HELP! My boyfriend is the jealous type!”

Jealously is a like a shepherd’s pie. It’s full of vegetables and has a tasty mashed potato covering. And if you don’t agree with this analogy, then you’re just plain wrong in the head.

Like today’s human male of topic. He’s the “jealous” type. Oh no! What ever can his damsel in distress do!? Agony Aunt to the… rescue!

Hi, Gloria. It’s advisable in this situation to avoid divorce, as that could lead to septicemia due to annoyance. 


  1. What the EF?
    Shepherd’s pie? I resent you dragging a perfectly good vegetarian adaptation of this dish into this insanity!
    Now, Gloria, get with it!
    1. Take up karate
    2. Wear tons of make-up
    3. Wear sexy clothes.
    Once you are noticed by anyone, and Jezza goes into action: you chop him, flip him, body slam him, round-house kick him and poke him in the eyes.
    While he’s on the ground screaming blindly in pain, shout out as loud as you can “Women’s Lib”
    Then, beat it to another city!

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