Yarr! The Dating App for Pirates [Sponsored Post]

Yarr! The dating app for pirates

Ahoy there, me hearties! Avast ye! Do ye want to be a pirate in wedlock!? Then Yarr! be the app for ye salty seadog, scurvy loving types! Arr.

Download Yarr! and you’ll walk the plank, abandon ship, and sail around the Cape of Good Hope to find true love (or collapse in a heap from scurvy while trying, arr)!

Shiver me timbers! This app ain’t for landlubber types, yo ho ho! It’s ONLY for sea shanty loving pirates. Download today! Scurvy is only a heartbeat away.

Yarr! Find the Peg Leg of your Dreams

Arr! No more dabbling with nautically challenged landlubbers who wouldn’t know a buccaneer even if he boarded their ship and ran them through!

Aye. With Yarr! you’ll find the old seadog of your dreams before you can sing, “What shall we do with the drunken sailor?”

Get out of the briny deep! Get Yarr! It’s the Davy Jones’ locker of pirate-based dating apps, custom made to find YOU your dream crusty old blaggard. Arr! Grab a tankard of your favourite grog and behold these mighty features:

  • Pieces of Eight: Every pirate who joins Yarr! gets pieces of eight tokens! Slash left on pirates you don’t like. Run through with your cutlas the pirates you fancy! Arr! It’s the perfect way to display true love!
  • Three Sheets to the Wind: Is your conversation bilge, matey? Three Sheets to the Wind is the perfect ice breaker! Hit that button for conversational prompts. Regale your love interest with swashbuckling tales of the best deck you ever swabbed, your worst bout of scurvy, or that time you walked the plank!
  • Batten Down the Hatches: Got a matey you’re not so matey about?! Arr! Away with the wench! Hit that specialised block button and batten down those hatches, pirate!
  • Unsolicited Cutlass Pics: Got a mighty cutlass, bucko!? Send unsolicited pics of your sabre to unsuspecting pirate fiends!
  • Peg Leg Promotion: Not getting enough views!? Give us pieces of eight for a profile boost! Peg Leg Promotion gets you seen by more pirates, even if they’re in the midst of bloody battle!
  • Bilge: For our ugliest, most heartless, most dastardly of pirate daters! If you’ve swabbed the deck one too many times, you go into Bilge with the rest of the scum!
  • Scurvy Helpline: Got another bout of scurvy!? Call our dedicated emergency hotline to have a shot of orange juice (with bits) rushed to your aid!

Yarr! also individually verifies every pirate account, arr, to ensure our users are talking to genuine, bloodthirsty, immoral fellow pirates.

Only One Treasure Chest Per Unsuccessful Global Circumnavigation

Yarr! runs a fair and nautically challenged pricing policy. Every time you fail to circumnavigate the globe, you pay us with your latest treasure chest haul. It works like this:

  • Successfully circumnavigated the world?! You get a free month! Arr!
  • Ended up at the bottom of the ocean, drowned, and stricken with scurvy!? Treasure chest NOW, you lily-livered son of a biscuit eater!

Remember! It’s Yarr! you need to download! Competitor app Arr! is promising NONSENSE like love-at-first-scurvy.

We’re going to run them through with a blade! Arr!

And that’s arr as in the affirmation. Not Arr! the app. We DO NOT endorse Arr! or any of its affiliates, me hearties! Yarr! is the app for you!


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